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Lake Placid Resort & Golf Club

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Guest Editorial: Brandon

Greeting GDI Brothers!
As I write this we are less than 20 days from our pilgrimage north.  Hoping that everyone and their families are healthy.   Even though I am not a huge participant, my excitement for the weekend continues to build with the ongoing text banter – keep it coming.  Unfortunately, due to these crazy times we are living in, I was unable to participate in last year’s GDI or this year’s trip to Verona.  Therefore, I feel the need more than ever to participate in this always entertaining event.  May this outing be the start of our lives getting back to some sort of “normal”. As for the upcoming weekend of debauchery, some random thoughts cross my mind:

Can’t wait to raise a glass with all of you!  Looking forward to making more fun memories.  Safe travels, SLAINTE!!